Tylers Tech Spot

Yeah, I know, not the most creative name for a Tech Blog, but hey, good and easy to remember domain names are hard to come by now days. Anyway, as an Information Systems graduate student and aspiring tech entrepreneur, I find myself constantly tinkering with different technologies and have made a hobby of making small, insignificant gadgets with Raspberry Pis, Arduino Boards, etc. I've decided to create this blog to both walk through the creation of some of these small projects as well as give others the inspiration to go out and build.

About Me

Big surprise, my name is Tyler. I was born and raised in Utah, but lived in Peru for two years which allowed me to become fluent in Spanish. I am one of those millennials you've been hearing so much about which means I love selfies and portrait mode on my iPhone.

See--that was taken in portrait mode. How could you not love it?! Also for any of you who have used Tinder, you're probably familiar with the phrase "the kids in my pics are my nieces/nephews". So to clarify, that cute little munchkin is my niece.

If you're here looking for my qualifications, well I don't have many. A lot of the things I write about (while very cool) are 100% not written by an expert. I love tinkering with raspberry pis (mostly) and creating cool little gadgets, but many of the things I do may not be best practice (I am also learning as I go).

I'm currently a Graduate student at Brigham Young University studying Information Systems, I work for a tech startup called Halosight, and learning about tech and creating new things is my passion.

That being said, if for any reason you want to reach out to me about this blog, feel free to email me at gmpmovies@gmail.com (It's an old email okay! I made it when I was like 9).